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Cathy Hetznecker rag rug Furniture Cathy Hetznecker rag rug Furniture
autum coffee table, square sheila bench, detail
Cathy Hetznecker rag rug Furniture Cathy Hetznecker rag rug Furniture
sheila bench, mahogany october bench
Cathy Hetznecker rag rug Furniture Cathy Hetznecker rag rug Furniture
eaglesmere bench eaglesmere detail

Cathy Hetznecker . Benches & Coffee Tables

After hearing some commentary from my customers and potential customers about my rugs and how "they looked too beautiful to walk on" my mind started to formulate the idea of using my rugs as upholstery. My first foray into this idea was to upholster a dressing table bench that belonged to my grandmother. It came out beautifully and launched my rag rug upholstered furniture pieces. After much searching, I found my way to Lusch Frames in Philadelphia. Lusch Frames has been making furniture frames in Philadelphia for over one hundred years. Lou Lusch brought me into his workshop where among lathes and table saws and dozens of new furniture frames coming to life, we discussed the drawings I made of the coffee tables and benches I had in mind. Several weeks later, I picked up my exquisite furniture frames and got to work. Each of my rag rug upholstered coffee tables and benches are treated as their own distinct piece of functional art. I choose from my extensive collection of designer fabric remnants, crocheting rich combinations of colors and textures to create the upholstery for the coffee table frame or bench. The final step in this three part collaboration is to bring my crocheted fabric piece along with furniture frame to Richard Herzog, at Herzog Upholstery in Paoli, Pennsylvania. There, Richard and I decide together on the best stain for the wood frame to enhance my crocheted fabric work. Richard and his skillful staff build the upholstery and then carefully hand sew my crocheted fabric work to the now completely upholstered & stained frame.

The collaborative relationship I have with both my furniture maker and upholster make the possibilities for custom work endless. Together, we can create custom rag rug upholstered furniture to fit any room in your home. My upholstered coffee tables offer the largest area to showcase my work. Benches are another significant opportunity to showcase the unique and versatile qualities of a custom crocheted fabric piece of furniture for your home.

Feel free to contact me via email to begin the discussion of a custom crocheted coffee table or bench for your home.